Why StoneRoller?

How is this different from every other site about toxic relationships?

You may have heard the story of Jesus healing ten lepers (if not or if you’re wondering what in the world this has to do with anything…don’t worry, just hang with me for a minute). Back during that time, leprosy was a dreaded disease that left the victims as outcasts of society who could only reenter once they were declared clean by a priest. On the way to the priest for this verification, one of the ten made a u-turn and went back to thank Jesus. The Bible says that the faith of this one made him well or whole. Hold up. Wait a minute. Weren’t they already all healed? So then, what was this wholeness that the one received? While they were all healed, physically, the one who returned received the ultimate healing – the divine salvation that can only come through Jesus Christ. He was healed – spiritually. Interesting – one can be healed, but still not whole.

In like manner, one can move past a toxic relationship and even be “healed” – feeling confident about life again, without being whole. It is important to understand that psychological abuse is an attack against the spirit of a person. Therefore, a spiritual lens is needed to completely put together the broken pieces of a life shattered by abuse. And, seeking answers from the “universe” or trying to muster up answers from within yourself just won’t cut it. Your ultimate healing and wholeness can only come from the One who created us. There is tons of information out in cyber-space addressing toxic relationships; and we even include links to some of that information that we have found to be most insightful and helpful. StoneRoller supplements those resources by grounding our understanding of and approach to toxic relationships in biblical truth, and pointing you to the only One who can provide your ultimate healing.

So, join us today and begin your journey to hope, wholeness and freedom.