Benefits of StoneRoller®


Understand the dynamics of toxic relationships


Rediscover your intrinsic value and start the path to rebuilding


Confidently take action to improve your situation

Who We Serve

the Curious

Learn more and help bring awareness to your community

the Concerned

Spot warning signs and intervene when necessary

the Captive

Discover and enforce healthy relationship boundaries or plan your safe escape
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StoneRoller® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the chains of toxic relationships. StoneRoller® educates, encourages and empowers people through personal testimonies and counseling experience, all from a foundation of Biblical Truth. Whether you’re just curious, concerned or captive in a toxic relationship, StoneRoller® is for you. Explore to start the journey to hope, wholeness and freedom.

Education, Encouragement, and Empowerment

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4 Misconceptions About Toxic Relationships

There are many misconceptions regarding toxic relationships that unfortunately help to perpetuate the abuse. Below is a quick hit-list of a few. 1) Only “weak” women are in abusive relationships Abuse does not discriminate: it happens to men, women, children […]

Podcast Episode: StoneRoller on YourB/Code

YourB/Code podcast featured StoneRoller in November 2017.  Listen to founder Cheryl Taylor talk about the vision of StoneRoller and the freedom that comes from breaking the chains of toxic relationships. Cheryl Taylor is the founder of StoneRoller.  StoneRoller is an […]

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A StoneRoller’s Story

There I was.  My confidence?  Destroyed.  My esteem?  Decimated.  My dreams?  Derailed.  My energy?  Drained.  My spirit?  Defeated. I was drowning in a sea of depression and a shell of the vibrant and joyful person I once was.  I literally […]

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