4 Misconceptions About Toxic Relationships

couple holding hands outside

There are many misconceptions regarding toxic relationships that unfortunately help to perpetuate the abuse. Below is a quick hit-list of a few.

1) Only “weak” women are in abusive relationships

Abuse does not discriminate: it happens to men, women, children and teens. Some of the strongest people you know may have been victims of abuse at some time in their life.

2) It’s only abusive if it’s physical

As listed in The Many Faces of Relational Abuse, physical abuse is just one of many different forms of  abuse. The old nursery rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” just isn’t true when those words come from the mouth of someone you love.

3) It is easy to spot an abuser

Abusers may seem to be the perfect partner early on in a relationship. Covert abusers can be the most charismatic, charming, and seemingly caring folks someone may meet! How many times have you heard the line, “but he seemed to be so nice” after some horrific tragedy? Too many times.

4) A good woman/man can “fix” him/her

No. No. A thousand times no. You can’t love him/her enough to make them change. No one can “fix” anyone else. The abuser has to want to get help and seek to change on their own.